MediaRadar filters all relevant online media globally such as facebook, youtube, twitter, blogs, review sites and many others by topics of your interest.

MediaRadar Dashboard

You define, together with our consultants, keywords that you would like to monitor and analyze, regardless of whether you want to learn more about your online reputation, your competitors, events or industry trends.

And then? With your MediaRadar you can react immediately to negative comments or forward critical information quickly to the person in charge. Furthermore, you are able to make use of positive posts by publishing them into your own communication channels like your website, blog, facebook fanpage or twitter account.

Our stats will support you to see clearly who has talked about a specific topic and break it down to the most active sources or, for example, which blogger is very active in your field and where it might be relevant to position your products. Moreover, you will know which keywords were used in correspondence with your campaigns and whether the overall response is positive or negative. Manual and automatic reports save you time and can also be received through our API.

MediaRadar stats

We also offer a white label solution for agencies, destinations and hotel groups. This enables you to extend your own portfolio economically and offer your members, or customers, your own branded monitoring tool. Behind the scenes Toocan’s MediaRadar does the rest.

Pricing is based on the number of campaigns (search strings). From only 50,00 EUR per month.


 The MediaRadar by Toocan enables us to monitor easily and efficiently all important media channels within just one tool. Hence, we constantly know, what people talk about us. The tool has become an important part of our daily social media business 
Stefanie Lepsien, Social Media Manager - Best Western Hotels Deutschland GmbH